Pont Neuf Productions' strategic focus is to produce market-driven films, using modest budgets (usually under £2 million) predominantly sourced from private finance and public sources when appropriate. Fundraising is usually achieved via EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) Limited Companies. The strength of using the EIS arrangement is that the tax allowances benefit investors on the upside whilst protecting them from any risk. For further information on the EIS Scheme please see:
Pont Neuf's private investors benefit from priority profit share status before any entitlement by the producers. Profit distribution is managed by independent collection agents. Pont Neuf's EIS companies also benefit from the UK's Film Tax Credit. For further information please see:
To date, Isabelle Georgeaux has co-produced or produced Resistance, Jadoo, Keeping Rosy and The Call Up, all filmed on time and on budget, and released between 2011 and 2014 (The Call Up due late 2015).